Fredskronk - Web and App Developer

Full stack web and app developer based in Stockholm, Sweden. Devoted to create new and engaging services that adds to the users life.

Shifting between development and tech support has given an almost unique knowledge of both how the user expects technology to work as well as what the code is doing “on the inside”. This knowledge is the key to the brilliant user experience of both current and past projects.

I started my journey with Delphi and Turbo Pascal as a teenager and has since then moved on to the web with PHP and later added Angular and NodeJS to my toolbox. The web and it’s potential of multiple users working together has always been a motivation for me.

I am currently looking for new, exiting opportunities while working on my own projects. If you think that I could add to you team and product don’t hesitate to contact me on any of the channels listed.

Projects Currently Online

Projects Now Defunct